Lisa Kove Family 1998 New Mexico on the way to Cali

Lisa Kove Family 1998 New Mexico on the way to Cali

DOD FED GLOBE Executive Director Lisa Kove and her children in 1998. They drove 3,400 miles from the East Coast for Lisa to work at one of the San Diego California bases; NAS North Island.

Lisa got the kids situated at the hotel with a baby sitter, The oldest child was 7 years old and the quadruplets were 5 years old.

She then went to check into her new duty station. She was taken into a strange room with her boss and an employee she did not know and was told that she could not check in and should take leave.

Lisa refused to take leave and was instead given administrative leave and told to take a tour of San Diego. She was kicked off base as a senior civil servant, because her boss thought that it was okay to fire people for being LGBT.

Her boss did not realize that DADT (Don't Ask Don't Tell) only applied to service members. Lisa was the most senior person that reported to her boss the lead civil servant and Technical Director at that time.

An employee later testified that she was told, "If Lisa comes onto base to have her escorted off by armed guards"

Lisa was not allowed on base for almost half a year.

Two years after Lisa and her family arrived after she lived through incredible discrimination her boss and her Commanding Officer were given the choice between criminal prosecution or resignation. They chose resignation.

That same year 2000 Lisa became the first person to win a lesbian child support case at the appellate level in the United States. She has since that time been working to educate the public that LGBT people are just as normal as anyone else.

She encourages all LGBT to always Demand Normal.

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